• Amy McCallister Communications December Newsletter

Check out the attached - great recipes with nutritional content plus though provoking articles.

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Diet-related diseases pose a major risk for Covid-19

By HELENA BOTTEMILLER EVICH 10/31/2021 07:00 AM EDT The same week British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care for Covid-19, two studies came out identifying obesity as a signif

Are Hunched Shoulders Causing You Pain?

We all remember hearing it growing up, “chin up, shoulders back.” Good posture isn’t just for family photos, there are real impacts to overall health that result from hunched shoulders. Our daily live

Signs a child may have a feeding and/or swallowing disorder:

• Arches her back or stiffens when feeding • Cries or fusses when feeding • Falls asleep when feeding • Has problems drinking from a cup or straw • Has trouble breathing while eating and drinking • Re