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AM Nutrition Services and Nourishly - providing next level medical nutrition therapy . . .

Over the summer AM Nutrition Services began offering the use of Nourishly to ALL our patients. The Nourishly app allows the patient and their RD to expand their working relationship in new and interactive ways. The app is intended for use with multiple nutrition-related health issues. Helping patients feel supported is a major factor when it comes to successful outcomes. Feeling connected encourages accountability, activating interaction which leads to success. We’ve seen the success with our patients using Recovery Record and how the increased level of connection improves results. It was a no brainer to add Nourishly to our tool box to help our clients.

A few amazing things we LOVE about Nourishly:

- It’s NOT a dieting app.This app enforces “healthy” behaviors not a focus on size, weight, calories. We live by that empowering message.

- Can be individualized based on diagnosis. Diabetic, GI issues, kidney disease; Nourishly is set up to be tailored to your medical needs.

- It’s so easy:

  • Meal logging with words and photos

  • Take photos of your food

  • Your Registered Dietitian can provide feedback directly through the app

  • You can search their 500 recipe database

  • Search meals by category

  • Communicate with your dietitian

  • Get inspiration directly from the app

  • We will help customize this app for you

  • Clients get photo and GIF rewards sent to you for tracking (either cat or dog photos-you get to choose.)

  • Goals are called missions! Love that.

- It’s free to all AM Nutrition patients!! - Nourishly is adding a grocery list feature soon. IT’S SO EXCITING!! We live in a world where people want easy. Nourishly has put in an enormous amount of work and data to make the app user friendly and incredibly accurate. Nourishly amplifies the effectiveness of all your hard work!

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