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henderson team


Cyndi Rosenow, RD

Nutrition Specialist


Office Coordinator

Enjoys about her job: the ability to help others live to the fullest Does in her free time: play with my dogs, reptiles, and tarantulas! Favorite Food: sweet potato fries & pickles!!!

Ruth Mitchell


Karina Mariscal, RD, LD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Dietetic Internship: UNLV Dietetic Program Enjoys about her job: My favorite part of the job is building relationships with patients and watching them improve their overal health. I love when a piece of education finally clicks with them and are able to apply it to their everyday life. Does in her free time:  I enjoy practicing caligraphy and attending spin classes at my local gym . Favorite Food:  I love shrimp, especially ceviche.

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