virtual team


Dian e Gardner, RD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Dominican University (formerly Rosary College) Dietetic Internship: Hines VA Hospital, Hines, IL Enjoys about her job: The opportunity to educate, encourage, and support my patients throughout their health journey. I enjoy seeing people thrive as they reach, and often exceed, their goals. I'm grateful for the relationships that are developed over time spent together. Does in her free time: I enjoy spending time with my family, walking, biking, swimming, reading, trying new restaurants, and traveling. Favorite Food: peanut butter.


Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Sodexo Dietetic Internship Enjoys about her job: I love that I get to connect with people from all over with a variety of different backgrounds. Each person's needs are individualized to fit them to a tee and I enjoy helping them along their nutrition journey.  Does in her free time: Hiking, cooking, ceramics, water color, stained glass Favorite Food: Green chili Mexican burritos


Amy Ganyukov, RD

Nutritional Specialist

Attended: University of Akron - Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics Dietetic Internship: West Virginia University Hospital  Enjoys about her job: My favorite part of the job is helping patients build a nutrition plan personalized for them, and creating healthy relationships with food!  Does in her free time: My favorite hobbies include hiking with my dog, yoga, and cooking at home!  Favorite Food: Chicken parmesan and pasta or Grilled chicken salad! 


Madi Christensen, RD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Brigham Young University Dietetic Internship: Utah State University Enjoys about her job: My favorite part about my job is helping others improve their nutritional health and being able to follow up with patients to track their progress. It is so rewarding to see people feeling better, labs improving, and quality of life better.  Does in her free time: My hobbies include cooking, baking, hiking, jogging, boating, and spending time with family. We really love to do anything outdoors together!  Favorite Food: Mediterranean food (like a mixed bowl with rice, greens, lots of good vegetables, chicken, a yummy sauce, and of course a pita on the side)


Kelly McCormick, MS, RD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Arizona State University  Enjoys about her job: Helping people learn to have a healthy relationship with food so they can enjoy everything in moderation  Does in her free time: Guitar, keyboard.  Favorite Food: Sushi

Jessica O_edited.jpg

Jessica Ogle

Office Coordinator

Enjoys about her job: Talking with the patients and helping the RD's everyday. Does in her free time: Hiking, biking, gardening, and cooking Favorite Food: Burritos and pasta