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metrocenter team


Lauren Duda, RD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Arizona State University Enjoys about her job: I love establishing relationships with my patients and discussing their progress! Does in her free time: Hiking, listening to music/going to concerts, shopping, finding new places to eat, playing with my dog, Zeppelin Favorite Food: chickpeas (garbanzo beans)


Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Viterbo University, LaCrosse, WI Dietetic Internship: Viterbo University, LaCrosse, WI Enjoys about her job: Working with patients and their families to help them make small, lasting lifestyle changes together Does in her free time: Church and Community Volunteer work,  Reading, Travel, Hiking, Spending time w/hubby and grandchildren Favorite Food: Fruit salad-any kind


Megan Anderson, RD

Nutritional Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Viterbo University Enjoys about her job: My favorite part about my job is getting to see my patients' long term success and getting to see my wonderful coworkers each day! Does in her free time: Cooking, exercise classes, and playing with my kitten! Favorite Food: MACARONI AND CHEESE!!!! 


Dr. Dana Cox, RD, PHD

Nutrition Specialist

School Attended: University of Tennessee Internship Program: Utah State University Favorite part about the job: Connecting with new people, hearing their experiences, and communicating hope Hobbies: Cooking, tap dancing, spending time with my family Favorite Food: Fish tacos


Tori Goff, RD

Nutrition Specialist

School Attended: Utah State University Internship Program: Utah State University Favorite part about the job: I love to stay up-to-date with the newest nutrition information and help clients find ways to use that info to improve their lives! Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Trying New Recipes, Birdwatching Favorite Food: My mom's Greek cooking!


Elena Tapia

Office Coordinator

Enjoys about her job: People Does in her free time: Quilting, Crafts, Crocheting, Traveling Favorite Food: All Foods that fuel the Body and Soul

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