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Krupa Mathew, RD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Western Michigan University - Nutrition and Dietetics  Dietetic Internship: Baptist Health System - San, Antonio, TX Enjoys about her job: Being able to serve and connect with clients, empowering them to feel confident in their bodies and what it can do when they learn to listen to it, busting nutrition myths, and building sustainable yet a joyous relationship with food. The most rewarding aspect of being a dietitian is when I can see the difference I have made in my clients' lives. Does in her free time: Oil painting, creating new recipes, hiking, traveling  Favorite Food: Indian/Mediterranean food


Nutrition Specialist

School attended: Marywood University Internship program: Marywood University's Coordinated Program in Nutrition and Dietetics Favorite Food: pizza topped with veggies Hobbies: running, hiking, reading listening to music/going to concerts. Favorite part about the job: I am looking forward to starting my career with AMNS and excited about working with patients and meeting my fellow RDs!


Megan Anderson, RD

Nutritional Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Viterbo University Enjoys about her job: My favorite part about my job is getting to see my patients' long term success and getting to see my wonderful coworkers each day! Does in her free time: Cooking, exercise classes, and playing with my kitten! Favorite Food: MACARONI AND CHEESE!!!! 


Nutrition Specialist

Post-Graduate Dietetic Internship: Arizona State University Favorite Food: A Middle-Eastern recipe called Maklouba (up-side-down), where veggies, like cauliflower and eggplants, and chicken are cooked at the bottom of a pot of rice, and the meal is flipped up-side-down to serve with a side of Greek yogurt. Yum! Hobbies: Hiking, making salads, participating in young adult events at church. Favorite part about the job: I'm super excited to use my nutrition skills to serve others with the AMNS team! My long-term goal is to help people overcome their barriers to healthy behavior, while learning as I go.

Oryana Hannoona, RD


Nutrition Specialist

Post-Graduate Dietetic Internship: Andrews University Favorite Food: ice cream Hobbies: hiking, board games, traveling Favorite part about the job: improving patients' health through sustainable lifestyle changes

Shelly Schick, RD


Office Coordinator

Enjoys about her job: The sense of community with my co-workers and helping patients. Does in her free time: Journal, Travel, Spend time with family and any outdoors activities. Favorite Food: Mexican food and pastries/sweet breads.

Cassaundra Lopez

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