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chandler team


Michelle Cesa, MS, RD

Lead RD

Nutritional Specialist

Attended: West Virginia University and Keiser University Dietetic Internship: Keiser University MSDDI (Masters of Science with Distance Dietetic Internship) Enjoys about her job: Helping individuals optimize their health through nutrition intervention. Does in her free time: Cycling, weight lifting, learning & soaking up the sun Favorite Food: Sushi and Acai Bowls


Olivia Cain PSM, RD

Nutritional Specialist

School Attended: The University of Arizona Internship Program: Carondelet Health Network (St. Mary's Hospital) Favorite Part of the Job: Helping people find a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle where all foods have a place! Hobbies: Golfing, Calligraphy, Gardening Favorite Food: Pasta of any kind!


Paige Bess, RD

Nutritional Specialist

School Attended: Arizona State University Internship Program: Priority Nutrition Care Distance Dietetic Internship Favorite Part of the Job: Seeing people's excitement when the changes they are making to their dietary patterns and food choices begin impacting their lives in a positive way. Hobbies: Exercising, cooking, reading good books and spending time with my family and friends Favorite Food: pizza and tacos


Sierra Breneman

Office Coordinator

Enjoys about her job: Goal- oriented leadership, not only seeing the genuine excitement over patients achieving goals, but over employees achieving goals as well. Does in her free time: Hiking and quilting Favorite Food: Burgers and brussels sprouts

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