tempe team


Arda Buyuktimkin, MS, RD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: San Diego State University (San Diego, California) for my Bachelor's & Lamar University (Beaumont, Texas) for my Master's Dietetic Internship: Located in Beaumont, Texas in conjunction with Lamar University's Master's program. Program emphasized in nutrition education across a large span of rotations (acute care, post acute care, rehabilitation, diabetes outpatient, dialysis outpatient, community nutrition, WIC, bariatric outpatient, oncology, children's food and nutrition, food service and university/school nutrition). Enjoys about her job: The variety in the patients that I see! I absolutely love helping out patients the best that I can by being their cheerleader! This includes the newest addition of a bariatric support group that I lead to help provide a safe space for everyone in the pre and post surgery phase of their journey. Does in her free time: I enjoy reading a variety of novels (fiction, nonfiction, etc), painting abstract portraits, watching and playing basketball, going on walks with my dog, playing with my cat, going on hikes as well as re-watching shows (Scrubs, Fresh Prince, Walking Dead, etc). Favorite Food: Turkish food (due to family culture) shortly followed by Mexican and Indian food. I love foods that have a lot of flavor, spice and variety.


Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Nutrition Ink  Enjoys about her job: Helping patients feel awesome, reach their goals, and enjoy the food they're eating!  Does in her free time: hot yoga, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family. Favorite Food: Mediterranean food.


Alina Ochoa, RD

Nutritional Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: ASU Wellness Dietetic Internship Enjoys about her job: Helping others build a healthier relationship with food.  Does in her free time:I enjoy hiking, walking my dog, rock climbing, cooking, and gardening. I'm also a total nerd who loves playing video games and D&D with friends. Interesting Fact: Hispanic foods


Nayelie Hernandez

Office Coordinator

Enjoys about her job: The favorite part of my job is the work-life balance and caring environment that surrounds this company. Everyone is dedicated to helping patients each and everyday no matter how small the task may seem! Does in her free time: I enjoy hiking and traveling on my free time. Favorite Food: Favorite food would be anything SPICY.

Ana (2)_edited.jpg

Ana De Leon, MS, RD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: ASU Masters in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetic Internship Combined Program (MSDI) Enjoys about her job: My favorite part of the job is talking to people all day and helping them improve their quality of life by making long-term, sustainable change. (I also love hearing about their pets!) Does in her free time: Cake decorating, roller skating, traveling (especially to Disneyland!), sewing, gardening, building LEGO's, DIY/woodworking, and watching movies. I have more hobbies than hours in the day! Favorite Food: Pasta in all shapes and forms!