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paradise valley team


Emily Ortiz, MS, RD

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Arizona State University, Combined Master + Dietetic Internship Enjoys about her job: Hearing about my patient's small wins along their health journey's.  Does in her free time: Hiking, yoga, camping. Favorite Food: Thin crust pizza or Tacos!


Nutrition Specialist

Attended: Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Combined Masters and Dietetic Internship at ASU Enjoys about her job: Getting to know people and being able to celebrate patient wins, big and small!  Does in her free time: I love playing with my dog and trying out new recipes Favorite Food: tacos and Cheesecake Factory Thai Lettuce Wraps


Emily Brocato, MS, RD

Nutritional Specialist

Attended:  Arizona State University Dietetic Internship: Marywood University Enjoys about her job: Seeing patients achieve their goals and take control of their health. Does in her free time: Cooking Favorite Food: Cheeseburger and fries.


Sarah Rothfus, MPH, RD

Nutritional Specialist

Attended:  University of British Clumbia and Northern Arizona University Dietetic Internship: Northern Arizona University (MPH Nutrition) Enjoys about her job: My favorite part about being a dietitian is making a lasting impact on patient's lives. I strongly value fostering connections with patients and practicing patient-centered care. Does in her free time: Hiking, cycling, content creation, piano, traveling Favorite Food: Sushi

Jake's Headshot.jpg

Jacob Brown, RD, CTN, PV, AVN for EDO patients

Nutrition Specialist

Attended: University of Cincinnati Dietetic Internship: University of Cincinnati Enjoys about his job: My favorite thing about my job is helping people improve their relationships with food and experience freedom with food.  Does in his free time: Rock climbing. Favorite Food: Cincinnati Chili


Chelsea McCormick

Office Coordinator

Favorite Part of the Job: Connecting/building professional relationships with coworkers and patients Hobbies: Embroidery, listening to music and audiobooks/podcasts, spending time with my cat Favorite Food: Sushi & Mexican

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